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It's your choice: protect your materials with ExtinCa® flame retardants and coating products to prevent severe damageExtinC flame retardants and coating products by Klingelberg make the difference!


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Klingelberg Products AS at Open House show of Delta Engineering Belgium Klingelberg Products AS was invited to the Open House Show of our partner Delta Engineering. Thanks to Danny De Bruyn and his team for organising this lively and fruitful gathering. If excellent barrier properties of your blow moulded containers along with a high quality closed loop recycling is a topic for you feel free to contact us!
"Wir tun, was bleibt" - Claim of Tag des Handwerks 2021 “Wir tun, was bleibt” is the claim of German “Tag des Handwerks 2021” (Handcraft Day 2021). And ExtinCa® flame retardants and coating products by Klingelberg can even make last longer what craftsmen build. Browse our website and contact us to learn how ExtinCa® can protect and preserve your raw materials and products.
Klingelberg Products AS has had visitors from the Conservative Party. Klingelberg Products AS has had visitors from the Conservative Party. Anne Kristine Linnestad and Bente Stein Mathisen (The Parliament – Stortinget) together with Kari-Sofie Bjørnsen (Fylkestinget Viken and leader of the SME network «Viken Høyres Bedriftskanal») and Knut Oppegaard («Viken Høyres Bedriftskanal») had a good and fruitful discussion on flame retardant building products with Ferdinand Männle (Klingelberg Products AS). Challenges and support of start-up companies within the materials and chemical industry have also been discussed with great interest. Per Berg (patent office CURO) showed how important intellectual property rights are for start-ups. The picture, taken by Per Berg, also shows a flame retardant particle board prototype which has been developed together with Arbor AS. It has faced a single burning item test at RISE a few weeks later.

Klingelberg Products AS – The Story

“Klingelberg” is the name of a vineyard in Baden (Germany), famous for its high-quality and single-origin Riesling. These traits are crucial for the philosophy of Klingelberg Products AS. As a specialty chemicals company we stand for an intentionally limited product range, which allows us to focus on developing high-quality green flame retardants and coating products. Constant improvement to meet the demands of the industrial market is what we strive for.