Klingelberg Products

Sustainable cost-efficient protection with environmentally friendly flame retardants and coating products

How ExtinCa® by Klingelberg protects the Environment

Klingelberg develops and produces environmentally friendly coating products as ExtinCa® products are green flame retardants and coating products without harmful substancies and our concept supports the Circle Economy concept.

– Ingredients of ExtinCa® flame retardants and coating products –

Antimony oxide in combination with brominated flame retardants are frequently provided by competitors as effective flame retardants. Their challenge is that antimony is perceived as harmful heavy metal. Recommended use of antimony oxide is frequently 7-10% per weight of flame retarded material. In some applications these high values are even exceeded. Brominated flame retardants are persistent in the environment.

ExtinCa® flame retardants and weather and scratch protection coating products by Klingelberg do not contain harmful heavy metals or brominated flame retardants which are persistent in the environment. The monomers and additives in Klingelberg products are allowed in contact with food (see Regulation (EU) No 10/2011).

ExtinCa® flame retardants / coating products and the Circle Economy –

According to the Circle Economy concept “building materials and products [should be] optimally used and reused” (https://www.circle-economy.com/programmes/built-environment) to preserve the environment.

Coating materials with ExtinCa® flame retardants or other ExtinCa® coating products prevents early damages and ensures a longer life of the resulting products instead of fast replacement and thus saves resources.