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The Technology behind ExtinC by Klingelberg

– How flame retardants work –

Flame retardants inhibit, suppress, or delay ignition of flammable materials and prevent the spread of fire. They interfere with radical processes, which are important for the development of fire, act as chemical coolants and/or form a barrier between the fire and the flammable material.

– Flame retardants on polymer basis –

Flame retardants comprising polymers are used in some applications. Char yield and barrier properties of the formed char layer are assumed to be improved with polymers as starting material. Char yield can be further improved when flame poisons effectively interfere in the thermal oxidation of materials in the initial state of fire development.

Klingelberg Products AS has developed proprietary formulations comprising flame retardant polymers and flame poisons.
Klingelberg products can be applied as coating materials on various substrates.

Single Burning Item Test, Klingelberg vs. Reference
Klingelberg flame retardants compared to an uncoated reference in a Single Burning Item Test.

For more impressions of how ExtinCa® flame retardants by Klingelberg work watch our product videos.